Service Conditions


By using the PrPunch Platform, you agree to provide correct, accurate, complete and up-to-date information about yourself following the registration form. You also agree to update your data as it changes. If you provide information that is untrue or outdated, or if the data is incomplete, the Service Provider has the right to delete your account or suspend it. The Provider also has a right to refuse using the tools of the PrPunch Platform in the future.

Only you or your authorized representative has access to your PrPunch account. You agree to keep your username and passwords confidential so that no one can access your account and to be fully responsible for keeping them secret.


All services provided by the Contractor shall be used only for legal purposes and shall not contradict the current legislation of Ukraine and international legal acts.

Using the PrPunch Platform to distribute your press releases, content, pictures, videos and other promotional materials, you should not do the following actions in any case:

  • encourage or assist illegal activities;

  • disseminate abusive, offensive and (or) discriminatory information, as well as threats, harassment or information that violates anyone's rights;

  • impersonate another person or entity, or misrepresent or alter your affiliation with other persons or companies;

  • violate, facilitate or induce others to infringe trademarks, patents, trademarks, copyrights and related rights, including design or other intellectual property rights;

  • send or arrange for the sending of unwanted advertising or promotional materials (spam);

  • contribute malicious code or otherwise attempt to interfere with the PrPunch Platform, or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the PrPunch Platform.

You may be refused the posting of advertisements whose text:

  • contains information that constitutes a state or other legally protected secret;

  • calls for the seizure of power, violent change in the constitutional order and integrity of the country, incitement to national, class, social, religious intolerance or discord;

  • propagandizes war;

  • Promotes pornography and the cult of violence and cruelty;

  • Contains information on methods, methods of development, manufacture and use, places of purchase of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and their precursors;

  • promotes the use of certain narcotic drugs, psychoactive substances, their analogues and precursors;

  • contains information on officially banned organizations;

  • provides information related to corporate disputes;

  • contains links to Internet resources that usually contain or post content that is illegal or in violation of any relevant laws and regulations of any jurisdiction (including, but not limited to, torrent trackers, sites with unlicensed PCs / media content, etc.); or Internet resources dedicated to hacking, data theft, computer hacking, etc.;

  • reports false information, slander of third parties, or is intended to carry out fraudulent actions against such persons;

  • promotes remote counselling, extremist materials, counterfeiting of known brands and trademarks, religious and occult practices and sects, personal pages of healers, etc.;

  • encourages activities that are illegal or illegal under the law of any jurisdiction;

  • is dedicated to invading the privacy of Internet users through phishing, identity theft and other similar means;

  • contains other information that may be considered illegal or prohibited by law.


The Contractor has the right to limit your use of the Services. The Contractor reserves the right to limit, suspend or terminate the account, if he believes that you have violated the terms of the contract or the law, or misuse the Services.


You are aware that maintenance, site improvement, bugs and other planned and unplanned activities may result in the incorrect operation of the site, certain interruptions in the operation of the site or errors in the pages of the PrPunch site.