Common questions

PrPunch.com is a service for creating and publishing text content in the online media. PrPunch handles all communications, automates collaboration and saves you time.

PrPunch services simplify the content selection for the site and the search for a platform to publish advertisers' texts.

If you are a webmaster, add your site to the PrPunch directory, set terms and conditions for cooperation, get content that meets your requirements and attract advertisers' attention.

If you are an advertiser, choose websites to place your publication in the PrPunch catalogue and reach more target audiences by entering new markets.

Today PrPunch customers can reach markets all over the world:

  • in Europe, the service cooperates with Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Moldova, France, Hungary, Great Britain and Spain;
  • in the Scandinavian region - with Denmark, Sweden and Finland;
  • in the East - with Afghanistan and India;
  • in the New World - with Mexico, the United States, and Canada.
  • in Africa, with South Africa.
  • In the post-Soviet space, PrPunch operates in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia.

If you can't find sites that meet your requirements, write to support@prpunch.com. Media managers will process your request within 1-3 weeks.

Register on the platform's website.

Registration will require entering standard data: name, email and password, contact phone number (if you want to add it). We recommend that you read the terms of service and privacy policy first.

When registration is complete, go to the «Sites Catalogue» section.

Learn the catalogue and filter system. Select the parameters you need.

PrPunch offers collaboration to both webmasters and advertisers. Hence, there are two types of accounts in the system.

Click the «Register» button at PrPunch website the homepage. Select the type of account in the form you received: «I am an advertiser» or «I am a webmaster». Advertiser — is the person who plans to publish the content. Webmasters — is the one who posts the publication of the advertiser.

Registering for both types of account will require the same information.
In the questionnaire, specify: 

  • name;
  • valid email address;
  • the password and its confirmation.

If you wish, you can specify a phone number — this is an additional contact that we can use to contact you for emergency (financial) issues.

Agree to the rules of cooperation, having read them previously.

Complete registration by clicking on the «Create account» button.

Contact the site's technical support team via online chat, or email (support@prpunch.com) marked «did not find the site». Specify the subject, region, and domain that you need. Specify the minimum site indicators and the maximum cost of publications. The more accurately the request is generated, the faster we will select and add a site that meets your needs.

Learn the filter system in the PrPunch catalogue cautiously. It will help you narrow your search parameters:

  • by the central and additional topics;
  • by placement region and language;
  • by additional services;
  • by the publication terms;
  • by the publication cost;
  • by traffic;
  • by domain.

The filter system also sets additional terms, services, and the cost of text content.

  1. Set the central theme of the site.
  2. If necessary, select additional topics (secondary topics available for publication on the selected site). For example, "Tourism" - "Local news" if you are interested in accommodation in a specific tourist region, or "Motherhood" - "Cooking" if you offer information about baby food;
  3. Select the host country and publication language. 
  4. Indicate additional services or conditions for publishing the article. For example, reposting to social networks, rewriting, posting on the main page, creating material, adding links, etc.;
  5. Set the price, traffic, and domain. 

Do not neglect the PrPunch directory filters. They will significantly help you find suitable sites.

PrPunch indicates a range of topics that are not available for publication through the platform's services. These include:

  • promotion of violent actions, defamation, disclosure of secret information;
  • pornography;
  • promotion of drugs, information about their distribution locations or manufacturing methods;
  • extremist materials, occult practices, or information about organizations that are officially prohibited on the territory of a particular state;
  • disclosure of personal information;
  • disclosure of corporate disputes.

Additionally, any information that is restricted by the laws of the region will not be published.

Publications on the following sites are prohibited:

  • pornographic content;
  • extremist, banned organizations;
  • propagandizing violence and illegal activities.

Technical support is available from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 19.00.

You can contact the moderators in an online chat or by email support@prpunch.com.

  • The PrPunch service is open to both advertisers and owners or representatives of Internet resources: two types of accounts have been developed; 
  • easy to use: select a site, order publication placement, publish material — all this can be done in one place, without moving around the site;
  • the service is convenient not only for SEO specialists but PrPunch will also be useful for those who want to increase brand awareness;
  • well-known text placement formats (.doc, .docx);
  • PrPunch catalogue contains more than 2,000 sites in 26 countries of the CIS, America, Africa and Europe and is constantly updated — we have no restrictions on geo;
  • The PrPunch catalogue filter system sets detailed parameters for publications and advertiser selection;
  • PrPunch selects the site for placement of materials tailored to the target audience. 95 specified topics allow you to find the website visited by «your» TA;
  • you can get a report on the effectiveness of publications at any time thanks to the additional service" Add Google Analytics code": see the actual traffic to your publication, upload data in a convenient Excel format.

  1. Click on the «Register» button at the PrPunch website home page;
  2. select the account type by choosing «I am an advertiser» option;
  3. enter your name, email, password and its confirmation;
  4. check the box next to consent to the terms of service and privacy policy;
  5. enter your phone number at the next step of registration (the phone is used as a way to contact you in case of emergency financial issues).
  6. get the identification code to the specified number and enter it in the form;
  7. click the «Create Account» button.

  1. Log in to the PrPunch system and go to your account;
  2. select «Top up your balance» to go to the payment form;
  3. specify the amount and currency of payment: Euro, dollar, hryvnia, ruble;
  4. please note the amount of charged fee;
  5. choose the payment system: Way for pay;
  6. click «Pay».

The amount will be credited to the account following the terms of transfers of the selected payment system.

  1. In the authorization field, click «Forgot your password?»;
  2. enter your email address (use the email you specified when registering your account).
  3. click «Send password recovery link»;
  4. accept the email letter and follow the link;
  5. enter a new password.

  1. Log in to the PrPunch website and go to your account;
  2. Click the «Create campaign» button;
  3. Create an order pool:
    - select sites in the catalogue and add them to the list;
    - upload materials;
    - if necessary, specify the additional services that you want to receive;
    - distribute articles by the site in the optimal order.

After forming an order, the PrPunch platform will automatically display the full cost of services. Click the «Pay» button to go to the personal account page and confirm the transaction.

  • Subject and additional content of the resource;
  • country of the site;
  • domain;
  • language of articles;
  • traffic;
  • placement price;
  • additional conditions: reposts in social networks, placement with videos, permanent placement, email mailing, translation of material into a foreign language, etc.

Please inform the PrPunch technical support team that you have not found a suitable site for posting materials. Use the online chat or email support@prpunch.com marked «I didn't find the site».

Technical support will help you search or add a platform of interest.

We recommend using news sites from the PrPunch catalogue during request processing. News portals are suitable for any business topic, and a diverse target audience often visits them.

Placing articles on sites of interest is the main task of the PrPunch service. To publish the material on the selected website, create an advertising campaign in your account and upload the prepared material in the «Articles» section.

  • Use the PrPunch catalogue to set exact placement parameters. This way the article will reach your target audience for sure;
  • use SEO articles to make the text noticeable for search queries;
  • use services of professional PrPunch authors. They will adapt your material to the style of a particular site, embed search queries in the text, and rewrite your text it if necessary.

Create a campaign in your merchant profile and upload the article in the appropriate field. Please note that with the PrPunch service, you can use multiple texts in a single campaign. Use the «Distribute articles by site» function to place specific articles on specific sites.

PrPunch works with all types of materials submitted in .doc format: articles, news, press releases, interviews, etc.

The user is fully responsible for the content of articles and their compliance with the law.

More specific conditions for article placing depend on the chosen site. You can find them in the description of the website selected in the PrPunch catalogue.

If you have an idea, but there is no text yet — order an article from PrPunch.

Fill in the brief in your ad campaign profile. Specify the exact requirements and provide as much information about the article subject as possible.

It takes up to 3 days to create an article. The authors will choose the text length, format, texts' style and content so that it corresponds to the content of the platform selected by the customer.

You have the right to give comments and edits to the finished material until it is fully approved.

To cover a larger number of readers and to promote the material more effectively, you can order additional services proposed in the PrPunch catalogue:

  • Placement of material in Google news, Yandex news;
  • link addition;
  • adding a video;
  • publication marked "editor's Choice";
  • publishing on the main page.
  • publication without the "Advertising" tag»;
  • Google Analytics;
  • Forex articles;
  • SEO article;
  • providing Analytics;
  • Facebook Instagram, VK, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook repost in social networks;
  • Push notifications and email lists;
  • translating the material and creating an additional language version;
  • expert content;
  • rewriting;
  • text writing;
  • guaranteed placement.

You can't manually change the text of a published article yourself. Contact technical support via online chat or email support@prpunch.com marked «Edit article».

The PrPunch platform guarantees the posting of articles. The cost of guarantees is 10% of the publishing cost on the site. For the first three months, you can use the «Guarantee» service for free!

Use the PrPunch catalogue to set the subject of the article and in the "Additional services" section, check the box next to «Text writing» option. For the text to meet your requirements, enter the necessary data and expected text characteristics in your account.

As soon as the material is written, PrPunch will inform you about the order execution.

When creating an ad campaign in your account, upload the finished article. When choosing sites for placement, use additional services in the PrPunch catalogue. Find the «Rewriting» option, check the box and confirm the selection.

When creating an ad campaign in your account, upload the finished article. When choosing sites for placement, use additional services in the PrPunch catalogue. Find the «Adaptation» option, check the box and confirm the selection.

The PrPunch user receives confirmation of publication after approving the article with the site representative. Approval takes from a few hours to 3 days.

The PrPunch platform provides comprehensive performance Analytics: number of views, geo-location of views, number of reposts, etc.

You can find indicators in the «Reports» section in the user's account.

The performance report is generated and gradually updated immediately after the campaign is launched.

PrPunch offers the ability to print reports.

An advertiser on PrPunch can become a member of the referral program and receive a 5% Commission from each launched campaign of a new attracted user. To do this, you need to generate a Referral link in your merchant profile and send the link to interested users.

By clicking on the Referral link and registering as an advertiser on PrPunch, the user receives a one-time increase in the amount to start the advertising campaign by 2.5%. 

You can track the amounts received from program participating in your account.

PrPunch does not charge any fees when depositing or withdrawing funds.

The payment systems that you use may charge fees for transactions following the internal rules. Check the possible charges from the PS operators.

Site owner
  1. Click on the «Register» button from the PrPunch start page to the questionnaire;
  2. Select the type of account choosing «I am a webmaster» option;
  3. Enter your name, email, password and its confirmation;
  4. Check the box next to consent to the terms of service and privacy policy;
  5. Enter your phone number (you can skip this step at this stage);
  6. Click the «Create account» button.

  1. Click the «Forgot your password?» button the authorization field;
  2. enter your email (use the address you specified when registering your account);
  3. click «Send password recovery link»;
  4. accept the letter and follow the link;
  5. enter a new password.

PrPunch works with a wide range of platforms: news, education, information, services and sales, gambling, betting, casinos, etc.

PrPunch refuses placement to sites that contain:

  • promotion of violent actions, slander;
  • pornography;
  • promotion of drugs, information about their distribution locations or manufacturing methods;
  • extremist materials, occult practices, or information about organizations that are officially prohibited on the territory of a particular state;
  • confidential information;
  • disclosure of corporate disputes.

We do not restrict the publisher's decision to publish. However, we strongly recommend that you adhere to the laws of the publisher's country and do not violate them. We are not responsible for the content that the publisher has agreed to post. 

After receiving a request to publish materials, check the text for compliance with your requirements and legislation. If the conditions are met, place the text according to the order conditions.

The transfer to the account in the PrPunch system takes place immediately after the materials are published on your site.

Withdrawals to external accounts are made following the PrPunch rules and the terms specified by the selected payment system.

To replace or edit an article, send the material for revision, specifying what edits you need to make. Contact technical support via online chat or email support@prpunch.com marked «Edit article».

Google Analytics detects site performance using detailed statistics. The advertiser can see the number of views of the posted material in a report based on Google Analytics data.

The service registers:

  • number of views;
  • the impact of using keywords in publications;
  • behavioural factors: time spent on the site, number of pages visited, number of repeat visits.

All of these factors are essential for advertisers. The higher the quantitative indicators, the more influential the site is, and the more advertisers apply for placement.

With our service, you can track the statistics of each published article in an advertising campaign. You can check: 

  • views number and duration;
  • the geography views;
  • the device;
  • the traffic sources.

Google Analytics script provided by our service should be installed on the article page to get this data. You just need to copy the script to your website page code where the article is posted.

The script looks like the following by default: 

If you have access to the website code and the page, in particular, you can add the Google Analytics script at the beginning of the <head>section and up to tags of other scripts or CSS. It is the most appropriate way to add an Analytics script.

If you want to add the script using the administrative part of your site, you need to consider the following features:

1) WordPress

Go to the Administrative panel, then select the section where your articles are located (usually the «Entries» section) and edit a specific article to place the script. After selecting the «Text» tab (to see the HTML code), insert the script at the top of the page.

Don't forget to click «Update» after entering the script.

2) Opencart

You need to access the source code of the article in the editing panel by clicking the < / > button on the panel to add a script. If there are difficulties, we recommend installing a more functional editor (for example, CKEditor or TinyMCE) and using it.

3) Joomla

You can switch to the code display mode and insert the script by selecting the appropriate article in the admin panel «Materials Manager» section. You can also use the pre-installed TinyMCE editor. 

4) «Bitrix»

You should have an HTML\visual editor installed. That allows you to insert the script on a specific page. We recommend adding the module as close to the top of the page in a specially selected and connected area as possible.

The webmaster can generate a referral link in their account. In the future, the webmaster will receive a fee of 1 conditional unit for each new site that was registered after clicking on the referral link and on which at least one advertising campaign was placed and invested.

Terms for withdrawing funds to external accounts vary from 24 hours to 3 days, depending on the chosen payment system.

PrPunch offers several ways to withdraw funds. Choose a convenient payment system:

  • WMZ, WMR;
  • Visa and Mastercard;
  • Privat24.

Log in to your personal account. Select the «Withdraw» function. Enter the withdrawal amount and payment system details. Click «Send request».

If you can't find a convenient way to withdraw funds, please contact technical support (support@prpunch.com) or get in touch your Manager.

Track the request status in your profile.

Did not find an answer to your question? Contact us: