Cookie file policy

PrPunch strives to inform users openly and understandably about how the data associated with it is collected and used. This policy explains in detail how and when PrPunch uses cookies. This Cookie Policy applies to all PrPunch services that refer to or contain cookies in their references.

Are cookies used in PrPunch?

Yes. As described in our Privacy Policy, PrPunch uses cookies and other technologies to ensure that all users are as comfortable as possible. Cookies also help keep your accounts secure. By continuing to browse or use PrPunch services, you consent to the use of cookies and similar technologies for the purposes described in this policy.

Usage Categories
Authentication Once a user logs in to the PrPunch service, cookies help to show him/her the necessary information and to personalize the work with PrPunch.
Security Cookies are used to enable and maintain security features and to detect unwanted activity and violations of PrPunch's Rules.
Settings, functions and services Cookies tell PrPunch about the language the user prefers to use and the notification settings. They also help users fill out forms in PrPunch. Cookies also provide features, statistics and personalized content through plugins. For more information about the plugin, see PrPunch's Privacy Policy.
Advertising Cookies may be used to display relevant advertisements both on and off the PrPunch website. They may also be used to obtain information about whether an advertiser's site has been visited by the user who has revised the advertisement. And whether the user has taken any action there (e.g., downloaded an information document or made a purchase). Similarly, our partners can use cookies to ensure that advertisements have been shown, to evaluate their effectiveness, and to provide us with information about how users interact with them. Together with our partners, we may show you ads both on and off the PrPunch site, for example, when you visit the website or use the partners' application.
Efficiency, analytics and research Cookies help us evaluate the effectiveness of the site and plugins in different regions. They are also used to assess, research, and improve products, features, and services, including when accessing PrPunch from other websites, applications, and devices, such as a business computer or mobile device.
What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that is stored on a user's device and provides PrPunch features and functionality. For example, cookies allow us to identify your device, protect your access to PrPunch and our sites in general, and even help us know if someone tries to access your account from another device. Cookies also make it easier for users to share content with PrPunch and help us show you ads that match your interests.

When does PrPunch store cookies in your browser?

PrPunch uses cookies on its website. Any browser that visits this site will receive cookies from PrPunch.

What types of cookies are used in PrPunch?

PrPunch uses two types of cookies: persistent cookies and session cookies. A persistent cookie allows you to recognize the user, making it easier to reactivate PrPunch or interact with PrPunch services without having to log in again. Once you log in, a persistent cookie remains in your browser and is read by PrPunch when you return to one of our websites. Session cookies are only stored for one session (usually an ongoing visit or browser session).

What are cookies use for?

Cookies are used to identify you when you visit the PrPunch website, remember the benefits of your visit and provide a personalized experience according to your personal preferences. Cookies also ensure that users can interact with PrPunch quickly and securely. They also allow us to display ads both on and off the PrPunch websites.

How are cookies used for promotional purposes?

Cookies and other advertising technologies, such as beacons, pixel images and tags, help PrPunch to display relevant advertisements more effectively. They also help to provide aggregated audit, research and reporting data to advertisers, to evaluate and improve advertising activity, and to know that content has been shown to you. Note. Because your browser may request advertisements and beacons directly from third-party ad network servers, these networks may view, modify and set third-party cookies in the same way that they request web pages from their website. The advertisements displayed by PrPunch may also include third-party cookies.
If you access the PrPunch site or browse the PrPunch partner's third party site and one of our cookies on your device recognizes you as a PrPunch user, information about your use of resources (e.g. browsing activities) and login details (e.g. IP address) will be linked to your account as described in sections 1.3 and 1.4 of the PrPunch Privacy Policy. We also use aggregated data from third parties, data from your profile and information about your activity on the PrPunch platform.
If a PrPunch user logs out of his or her account in a browser, PrPunch may continue to register the user's interaction with services in that browser for up to 30 days. It is needed to prepare an analysis of the use of the PrPunch service, which may be provided to our advertisers in generalized form. Until you delete these cookies in your browser, we may use this information for the following purposes:

  • Displaying more relevant advertisements that match your interests;
  • Providing generalized reports to advertisers and websites;
  • Helping website and application owners understand how visitors interact with their websites or applications;
  • Detecting and protecting against fraud and other threats to the security of users and partners;
  • Improve the quality of our products.
Which third-party cookies are used in PrPunch?

Please note that the names of cookies, pixel images and other technologies may change over time. Please also note that companies and other organizations that sponsor pages in PrPunch may use cookies, pixel images and other technologies on their PrPunch pages to learn about your interests.

Cookie management

In most web browsers, you can manage cookies using the settings. However, by banning cookies from websites, you may not be able to use them as they are no longer personalized. You may also lose the ability to save individual settings, such as login data.

What if you do not want cookies to be stored, or you want to delete them?

If you are a visitor, you can opt out of receiving promotional cookies. If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings on your computer or other device used to access PrPunch services. If you continue to use PrPunch without changing your browser settings, we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies from PrPunch. Most browsers also offer the ability to view and delete cookies, including PrPunch cookies. Please note that without cookies, the PrPunch website will not function properly.
For more information about cookies, including how to review your stored cookies and how to manage and delete them, visit, or