Privacy Policy

The PrPunch Privacy Policy applies to all users and visitors of the PrPunch platform.
The collection, use and transfer of your data are governed by this Privacy Policy, which includes the PrPunch Cookie Policy.
By registering on the PrPunch website, you confirm that you have read the list of your rights as a subject of personal data according to Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Personal Data". This list is available here:


PrPunch ("we", "us", "us") may make changes to this Privacy Policy. In the event of material changes, PrPunch will post the relevant notice on the website to allow you to review the changes before they take effect.
By continuing to use the PrPunch Services after posting or submitting a notice of changes to this Privacy Policy, you agree that the collection, use and transfer of your personal data are governed by the updated Privacy Policy.

1. Collection of personal data

1.1. The data you provide to PrPunch

You provide data for creating an account in PrPunch.


You provide the information you need to create your account, including your first and last name, email address and/or mobile phone number, and password. In case of registration for services, you will need to specify the method of payment (for example, bank card) and payment details. You create your profile in PrPunch (a complete profile will allow you to use PrPunch Services most efficiently).


You will be asked to enter your profile information, such as your photo, city or region. You are not required to provide additional information in your profile. However, your profile information allows you to use PrPunch Services more efficiently.

Placing and downloading

PrPunch collects your personal information when you provide, post or uploads it while using the Services. It includes filling out a form, participating in a survey or sending a message. You are not required to post or upload personal information. However, their absence may prevent you from effectively communicating with PrPunch Services.

1.2. Using the Services

PrPunch keeps a log of your visits and use of the PrPunch Services, including mobile applications. PrPunch shall record usage data when visiting or otherwise using the PrPunch Services, including the PrPunch website, mobile application and platform technologies (e.g., plugins outside of the PrPunch). It includes when you browse or click on content (e.g. training videos) or advertisements (on or outside of the PrPunch website or applications); when you search, install or update one of the PrPunch mobile apps. PrPunch uses the login procedure, cookies, device information, and your computer's IP address to identify and record your actions.

1.3. Cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies

PrPunch collects data using cookies and similar technologies.
As described in the Cookie Policy, PrPunch uses cookies and similar technologies (e.g. web beacons, pixel images, advertising tags and device identifiers) to recognize you and/or your device(s) within and outside the services and generally when using various services and devices. Also, PrPunch allows some others to use cookies as described in the Cookie Policy. You can manage cookies in your browser settings and by other means. You may also opt-out of using cookies and similar technologies to track your activity on third party websites for third party advertisers.

1.4. Device and location

PrPunch receives data from your devices and your networks, including location data.
When you log in to or log out of the service (including plugins or cookies and similar third party website technologies), PrPunch receives the URL of the site from which you are logged in and the website you are visiting. PrPunch also obtains information about your IP address, proxy server, operating system, web browser, add-ons, ID and device capabilities and/or your ISP or service provider. When you use PrPunch services from a mobile device, we obtain location information from your mobile device based on your phone settings. PrPunch will ask you to consent to the use of GPS or other means that allow us to determine your exact location.

1.5. Messages

PrPunch collects information about you when you send, receive or use messages in connection with the use of PrPunch services. For example, when you receive a placement request, PrPunch will track your response and send you a reminder if necessary.

2. Ways of using information

PrPunch uses your data to provide, support, personalize and develop PrPunch services.
How PrPunch uses your data depends on what Services you use and how you use those services. PrPunch uses your data to provide and personalize the PrPunch services (including advertising). It is done through PrPunch's automated systems and logic structures to make them more relevant and useful to you and other users.

2.1. Services

PrPunch uses your data to allow access to the PrPunch Services.
The PrPunch Service allows you to collaborate, search for potential partners and other members to do business with. PrPunch scans messages to provide robots and similar tools that make these tasks easier.

2.2. Communications

We will contact You by email, mobile phone, messages on PrPunch websites or applications, messages and other means of communication within the PrPunch Services, including SMS messages and push notifications. PrPunch will send you messages regarding the availability of PrPunch services, security and other aspects of service delivery. PrPunch will also send you messages about how to use the Services, reminders, and recommendations.

2.3. Advertising

PrPunch shows you personalized advertising within and outside the PrPunch service. PrPunch gives you the option to customize the display of personalized ads, but you cannot opt out of viewing other ads.
PrPunch displays advertisements (and evaluates their effectiveness) to Users, visitors and others both within and outside the Services, directly or through different partners, using the following data (individually or in combination): data from advertising technologies within and outside the PrPunch Services, including web beacons, pixel images, advertising tags, cookies and device identifiers; information provided by Users; data obtained through the use of the Services (e.g. search history); information from advertising partners.

2.4. Marketing

PrPunch promotes its services to you and other users.
PrPunch uses User data and related content in invitations and messages aimed at promoting participation, network expansion, engagement and services of PrPunch.

2.5. Service development and research

PrPunch develops its services and conducts research.

Service development

PrPunch uses data (including publicly available data) for research and development to improve services. It will allow us to provide you and others with better, more efficient and personalized services, as well as to increase your audience and interest in the services


PrPunch conducts a survey and questionnaires as part of the PrPunch Services. You are not required to participate in surveys and surveys and you can choose what information to provide.

2.6. Support Services

PrPunch uses the data to help you and fix problems.
PrPunch uses the data (including, possibly, your messages) to respond to complaints and questions about the Services (e.g., errors), and to address and resolve them.

2.7. Aggregated Statistics

PrPunch uses the data to generate aggregated statistics.
PrPunch uses your data to retrieve and distribute aggregated statistics that do not allow you to be identified. For example, PrPunch may use your data to generate statistics relating to PrPunch members, their professions or professions.

3. Dissemination of information

3.1. Related services

PrPunch shares your data within the framework of various PrPunch services and with PrPunch affiliates. PrPunch will share your personal information with PrPunch affiliates to provide and develop the PrPunch Service. PrPunch may combine information for internal purposes within the scope of the various services governed by this Privacy Policy. Information aggregation is necessary to make the PrPunch Services more relevant and useful to you and other users.

3.2. Service Providers

PrPunch may involve third parties in the provision of services.
PrPunch engages third parties to provide services (e.g. service, analysis, audit, payment, fraud detection, marketing and development). Third parties will have access to the necessary data to perform the designated tasks on behalf of PrPunch. Third parties will not disclose or use the data for any other purpose.

3.3. Disclosure by operation of law

PrPunch may share your data if it believes it is required by law or to protect your rights and safety. Information may also be disclosed to protect the rights and safety of PrPunch or others.
PrPunch may be disclose information about you as required by law, subpoena, or other legal process. It is also possible when PrPunch has reason to believe that disclosure is necessary to protect the rights and safety of PrPunch or others:
(1) to investigate, prevent or take action against suspected or actual wrongdoing, or to assist a government law enforcement agency;
(2) enforcing the terms of any transactions with you;
(3) investigating and defending against any claims or allegations made by third parties;
(4) ensuring the security and integrity of PrPunch's services (for example, by providing access to companies that face similar threats);
(5) enforcing or protecting the rights/safety of PrPunch, PrPunch Users and employees or others.
PrPunch will attempt to notify Users of duly stated requirements for disclosing their data when it considers it appropriate unless prohibited by law or court order, or unless the request is urgent. PrPunch may appeal such requests if PrPunch believes that they are excessively voluminous, unclear, or do not have proper authority. However, PrPunch does not promise to challenge every request.

4. Rights and obligations of the participant

4.1. Saving data

PrPunch stores your personal data as long as your account exists or as long as it is necessary to provide the Services to you. It includes information provided by you or a trusted person to the PrPunch platform, as well as data generated or logically derived from your use of the PrPunch Services. Even if you use the PrPunch Service every few years, PrPunch stores your data and your profile until you decide to close your account. In some cases, PrPunch may store individual data in an impersonal or aggregated form.

4.2. Closing your account

PrPunch will store some data even after you close your account.
If you decide to close your account, PrPunch usually deletes your closed account data within 30 days of closing your account, except as listed below.
PrPunch will retain your personal information even after you close the account if it is reasonably necessary to comply with PrPunch's legal obligations (including law enforcement requests); legal requirements; dispute resolution; security; fraud or abuse prevention; contract enforcement or your request to opt-out of receiving further communications from PrPunch. PrPunch retains non-personally identifiable information after you close your account.
The information you share (for example, in messages) will be available for viewing even after you close your account and delete information from your profile or mail. Content published in groups and ratings and views associated with a closed account will appear as posted by an unknown user. Your profile may still appear in third party services (e.g., search results for public search engines) before their cache is updated.

5. Other important information

5.1. Ensuring security

PrPunch monitors and attempts to address security vulnerabilities promptly. Use the security features available through the PrPunch Services.
PrPunch implements security measures to protect your data, such as the HTTPS protocol. PrPunch regularly checks its systems for vulnerabilities and attacks. However, PrPunch cannot guarantee the security of all the information you transmit to PrPunch. There is no guarantee that data will not be reviewed, disclosed, altered or destroyed as a result of a failure or override of any physical, technical or administrative security measures.

5.2. Cross-border data transfer

PrPunch processes (stores and uses) the data both in Ukraine and abroad and is guided by the mechanisms of cross-border data transfer provided for by law. Legislation in the countries where PrPunch processes data may differ from that of your country and provide less effective data protection.

5.3. Legal grounds for processing

PrPunch has a legal basis to collect, use and share data about you.
PrPunch collects and processes personal data about you for legitimate reasons. Legal grounds include: your consent and authorization for the processing of personal data; the conclusion and execution of the terms of the contract (i.e. the processing is necessary for the execution of the contract with you (e.g. for the provision of the PrPunch Service); and the protection of the legitimate interests of personal data owners and third parties.

5.4. Contact details

You may contact us or use other claims resolution options.
Any questions or complaints about this Policy should be sent through the PrPunch website. If an answer is not received, or if the content does not satisfy the sender, you may choose other settlement options.